Mosaic Art in Special Needs Schools

Springwell Special School, Southampton really is a special place. Very supportive staff and happy children with great facilities.  To celebrate the new school building the children helped design a school logo.  Here is the original drawing selected to be the unique branding for the school.

This is the drawing transformed into a 2 metrex 2 metre wall mosaic for the sunny entrance area.  The children helped make the rainbow by carefully gluing the colourful glass tiles onto a mesh. Working together in the classroom making sections at a time, slowly but surely.

They also helped create the patterns and textures for the clothes of the figures. We used a selection of hand cut china plates and mother of pearl beads and bright glass tiles. The occasional mirror tile in the background adds the final touches. It means the mosaic sparkles everyday as you walk past.  What a lovely welcome for pupils, staff and visitors.

The Abbey Special school in Farnham fundraised to bring in a professional mosaic artist to help create a sign for the playground which celebrated the schools new catchphrase 'Together We Can'. The mosaic work was based around this fantastic interesting drawing produced by one of the pupils.

Work in progress.

Completed work cemented directly to the wall. Winner of best School mosaic 2012 Mega Mosaics sponsored by Topps Tiles.