Making community art mosaics with

Public Art mosaics are versatile, colourful and a great way to engage communities.  Here are two examples of very different community art projects commissioned by Groundwork - an organisation that supports communities to look after their local green spaces. 

Firstly here is the Grand Union Canal in Northolt, Middlesex.

A major regeneration by British Waterways of their canal bridges led to the commission of this artwork.  We brightened up this underpass with a series of mosaic panels based on the theme of Barge Art.  Young people at a local youth project helped design and make the work.

We took photographs while taking a boat trip along the canal. Then made big paintings together in the classroom using our imaginations to create a unique peacock, a magical flying fish, a moon face...

....and of course not forgetting the iconic 'Barge Art' watering can!  The young participants visited us in the studio where the mosaic work was being made and spent some time sticking tiles. Once installed we had a celebration, the work was very well received by all parties.

Our second project with Groundwork -  Alzheimer's Residential Care Home Garden, Hertfordshire.

Here is the garden newly landscaped by Groundwork in need of some colour and texture on the walls. Working with the families of the residents and staff this is what we came up with.  A memory tree, leaves and a giant exotic flower.

The idea was that strong contrasting colours and big bold shapes might encourage the residents sitting in the lounge area to explore the garden.  The 'Memory Tree' contains a few special items brought in by the families. This all adds to the textures which is the next stage of engagement for the residents - touch...

We used perforated hand cut metal frames onto which we made the mosaic designs incorporating buttons, glass, mirror, pebbles, slate and shells to create safe textures for the residents to touch.   Here is Bill, whose wife was living in the home at the time enjoying the completion of the project for which he took an active involvement.

That's it. For more details of our Public Art & Community Project portfolio click here.