Inspired Mosaics Studio at Pycroft Grange School, Surrey

A celebration of the school moto ( below) was the brief for Pycroft Grange Primary School in Surrey.  So after a drawing day with the children we created this design for a mosaic mural to go on a  playground wall. 

Here are some of the children's drawings we had to work with...quirky, creative, vibrant. 

And here is an example of how we translated some of  the drawings into mosaic, of course with the children's help. They chose the tile colours and did  the delicate gluing work onto mesh.  A real team effort. 

Installation is more tricky so without the children two of us from the studio- myself Liz de Ath and Sue Penrose installed the mosaic tree in a day. The children did watch with some curiosity and excitement though...


Here's a close up finished and polished. Lots of mirror and beads for texture. The total size of the mural spans two square metres.

By the time we had finished we were the only ones left on site but we did get some feedback....

The children at Pycroft have said about their mural...

"I loved doing the design and then putting the mosaic pieces on" 

"The mural sparkles in the sunshine"

"I love seeing my artwork" 

AND we are booked in for Arts Week 2017 to make a splash at the school entrance so more to come!