Jumping figures - St Marks Academy, Croydon, London.

This design is fit for any secondary school playground as it reflects the dynamic energy and optimism of teenagers. Given the chance they can produce innovative work to a very high standard. Here is such an example. Having decided on the design of life sized figures here we are positioning the templates in their soon to be new home. - a prominent position in the playground.


The designing and making team comprised of the ‘Gifted and Talented GCSE and A level students who spent their art lessons cutting and sticking the mosaic tiles onto these figures. It was very detailed work. What a team!

Each figure was designed to represent the core values of the school - Love, Hope and Trust. Below are the words ‘hot off the press’ created with a simple bold design so that they would read clearly from a distance once installed on the wall.. The team particularly liked cutting the pieces of white ceramic on the ‘proper’ tile cutter. All the other tiles were carefully cut with tile nippers. Goggles on please!

The imagery on the figures were then designed to reflect the meaning of these words. With references to Greek mythology, science, faith, music, art and artists and nature. It became quite abstract but is meaniingful to the students. We used black lines to define sections on the figures for each motif and made sure there was contrast of colour and style throughout.

And here is our sunny installation day with my trusted assistant Tony Palozzi doing a no fuss job of getting the artwork fixed to the wall.

And finally… what result! The pupils and the school were throughly delighted.

Deputy head Lucy Brown said “ I knew you would be able to create something that was just right for us when I found your website - we are delighted with the result.”

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