Community Art Mosaic Projects 

Community art mosaics provide original features
for your neighbourhood.


There are several reasons why the ancient art of mosaic is still widely practiced.

Visuality - adding colour, texture and a story to almost any space.
Versatility - able to adorn walls, floors, objects and sculptures.
Accessibility - all ages and abilities can have a go at making a mosaic.
Longevity - modern techniques make for a durable, hard-wearing outcome.

If the Romans could do it... then so can we!

The result?
An inspiring and engaging community art mosaic with a strong identity
made by your community, for your community
and guided by professionals in a friendly, inclusive and practical way. 


How to commission a community art project 

Community Art Project considerations:

  • Requirements of the commissioners

  • Budget considerations

  • Location

  • Community group engagement

  • Community group involvement

  • Onsite and offsite making

  • Onsite installation best practice

  • Timeline and deadlines

  • 2 or 3 dimensional mosaic work considerations

  • Durability & longevity


Budgets - Small scale community projects £3,000

Community Mosaic Art Project Fees

  • Artists consultation and proposal fees average £500

  • Design fees are from £500 to £1000

  • Community workshop day rate varies from £350 to £550

  • Studio making inclusive of materials ranges from £1200 to £2500 per square metre depending on design and material

  • Installation fees and costs subject to location and team requirements average £500 to £1000