Mosaic Project Guide & Fees

How to commission a mosaic project and a guideline to fees.

School Mosaic Projects

 A detailed schedule of how we might work in your school and an outline of the process and costs.
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mosaic Community art

 Full details of how we work and a breakdown of fees.   Scroll down for details OR click here.

How to commission a school mosaic project 

School MOsaic Projects Schedule

  • Introduction of the project to the school

  • Design work with the children

  • Setting up the design ready for making

  • Ordering, preparing and delivering all tools and materials

  • Making with the children and staff including after-school sessions

  • Groups of up to 8 children for around 30 minutes to suit the school timetable

  • Finishing off and preparation for installation

  • Installation & celebration

  • Photographic record of the project and follow-up

An average mosaic wall feature around 1m by 1m starts at £1,500 

School Project Costs include:

  • Artists fees from £350 to £550 per day
  • Material costs are £200 & £300 per sq m
  • Expect to create 1/2 sq m per day in school
  • Expect 1 or 2 days offsite preparation time
  • Expect one or two days finishing off and preparation to install
  • Installation usually takes 2 days

How to commission a community art project 

Community Art Project considerations:

  • Requirements of the commissioners

  • Budget considerations

  • Location

  • Community group engagement

  • Community group involvement

  • Onsite and offsite making

  • Onsite installation best practice

  • Timeline and deadlines

  • 2 or 3 dimensional mosaic work considerations


Budgets - Small scale community projects £3,000

Community Mosaic Art Project Fees

  • Artists consultation and proposal fees average £500
  • Design fees are from £500 to £1000
  • Community workshop day rate varies from £350 to £550
  • Studio making inclusive of materials ranges from £1200 to £2500 per square metre depending on design and material
  • Installation fees and costs subject to location and team requirements average £500 to £1000