Some testimonials from schools, students, arts officers...

Mosaic course participant

One-to-One Class

Patricia Sargeant

"Wonderful course!  Liz is an amazing, talented and inspiring woman. I loved the time I spent in her studio working on a table top for my mother's summer house in Colombia. Liz is good at guiding you with the design, choice of colour, texture and materials that will produce a wonderful piece of mosaic art. I couldn't be happier with the piece of work I brought home with me.  I stayed at their wonderful B&B and was spoiled by Dexter's - Liz's husband - delicious breakfast and lunches"

MOSAIC school project 

Vincent de Paul Primary School, Victoria, London

Siobhan Garvey-Deputy Headteacher

 "Thanks so much for the stunning mosaics. On Thursday I had regular visits from the Year Six children who worked on the project - bringing friends to see their fabulous sunflower in the nursery. They are all so proud of their work as well they should be. Hope to see you again for the next project."

"Liz has contributed to at least four of our annual Arts Weeks. She quickly establishes strong, comfortable, very creative relationships with all the groups she works with across the whole school. She is a good listener and is able to share her wonderful artistic talents in a very supportive but clear sensitive way with the children.We have many mosaics connected to a range of themes proudly on display across the school. The children enjoyed their time with her and drew enormous satisfaction and pride from the opportunity."

MOSAIC school project 

Bure Park Primary School,
Bicester, Oxfordshire 

Rob Pearson - Head Teacher

community art project 

Sunbury Cross Underpass

Fay Munns, Youth Development Officer, Spelthorne Borough Council

"The help and expertise of Inspired Mosaics on this Public Art Regeneration Project was invaluable. She researched our theme of 'local heritage' by speaking to residents and looking through archives. Then taking that information into schools and youth clubs she introduced children and young adults to the art of mosaicand looked at how we might depict the stories of Sunbury Cross.  Participants then designed andhelp make the mosaic artwork for the underpass walls.  Engaging more than one hundred young people has given a real sense of 'ownership' of this public artwork to the community. The response from local business and our sponsors has also been very positive."

"We are currently sourcing funding to employ Liz and her team for two further community art projects. Inspired Mosaics were a real joy to work with.